From within any Event in the mobile app, clicking on the Register tab will open the Registration section, where you can sign up to attend the Event and answer associated survey questions for the Activities you'll be attending. If there are any fees or payments, you'll be able to select those and pay online on the final Checkout page.

You may be prompted to respond to questions in several ways. The organizer is able to send email prompts to alert invitees that questions are awaiting their response. Additionally, if there are unanswered required questions for any Event or Activity, then you will see a badge with the number of remaining questions on the Tab Bar.


The first page covers your attendance status for the overall Event and any accompany Activities. You can respond to the Attendance question using one of two input methods. 

  1. Single Choice mode - check the checkmark (Yes) or the X (No) to indicated your attending status for the overall Event and each Activity, where an attendance option is available.
  2. Swipe mode - touch the row and swipe right to attend (Yes) or swipe left to not attend (No)

Note that you may not have a choice to attend the Overall Event or one or more of the Activities. This can happen when the Organizer set your attendance for you or your attendance for one or more of the Activities is linked to your decision whether to attend the overall Event.

Limits and Waitlists

If there is an Attendance Limit set for the Activity, and you are responding after the Activity is full, you may be asked if you wish to join the Waitlist. If you join the Waitlist for an Event, the organizer can see that you want to attend the Activity as well as your order in the Waitlist. They can use this information to add People to Activities if room becomes available. 


After clicking Next from the Attendance page or clicking the Survey button directly, you will be taken to step 2 of the Register section, where you can answer any questions related to the Event, if any. You'll see “Back” and “Next" buttons at the bottom to allow you navigate through the registration steps. 


If the Event contains any fees to attend, donations to make, or products to purchase, you'll be able to select those on the Payments tab, which corresponds to Step 3.

Complete / Checkout

The final step is the Complete page for Events without payments, otherwise the final step is the Checkout page, where you can review your selected products and complete your payment online.