When you first log into the Eventene Mobile App, you will see the Event List page. If you've been invited to any events, you'll see them listed as tiles, in chronological order. Clicking on an event tile will select and open it.

Eventene updates your list of Events periodically, but you can force a refresh manually by pulling down from the top of the list, just below the darker gray header area.

You can search for events by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Searches match the event name only.

You can also view your events on a Calendar page by clicking on the calendar icon. If more than one Event occurs on the same day, the tiles will appear next to each other on the same line. Simply swipe left or right to view them all, if there are more than two.

The Events List will show recently completed events for a few weeks. After that, you can show older completed events with the "Show Completed Events" on the user's account page, accessible once an event is selected and opened (or "..." if no events yet exist for the logged in user). 

The following screenshot shows a sample Events List page.