Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I Create an Event?

Once you are logged in, start by selecting the “Events” tab in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you are building a new Event, select “Create from Scratch” and then fill in the event details. Once you hit “Continue”, your Event will be created. You may still want to continue to set up advanced features and choose additional Event Settings to customize your Event.

How can I further Customize my Event?

Here's an outline of additional ways you can customize your Event.

  1. Event Details – enter additional Event details, such as images, locations, links to video meeting services (for Virtual Events) and setting attendance limits, waitlists and response cut-off times.
  2. Add Activities – Events consist of a set of Activities, with every Event requiring at least one. You can add as many Activities as you need to build your Event's schedule. You can then invite any subset of Guests to each one
  3. Add Survey Questions - you can add questions to any of your Activities for guests to answer during registration
  4. Build Groups – create and manage lists of People to invite to your Events. Groups may be reused for future Events. You can also start with an empty Group and simply share a link to your Event to get started.
  5. Collect Payments - add products to sell at your Event, including tickets, merchandise and donations
  6. Share your Event - share a link to your Event's Registration landing page. Eventene creates a landing page for every Event
  7. Sending Invitations – send email invitations to your guests so they only need to click to RSVP, no account setup required.
  8. Tracking Responses - on the Track tab, you can track your guests' response for attendance, surveys and payments
  9. Assignments - you can take advantage of Eventene's assignment features to arrange guests into arbitrary groups that you define (using Sections)
  10. Mobile App - invite your guests to download the free Eventene Mobile App for day-of-Event convenience. Guests who already have the mobile app installed can also use it to register for any of your new Events.

What is an Activity?

Many events can be broken down into several parts or activities, and Eventene allows you to do just that. Instead of having to create separate Events for each component of your larger Event, Eventene allows you to break your Event down into individual Activities. With each Activity, you will be able to customize details and guest lists, and Event attendees will only see information for the Activities that they are invited to.


How do I create a Guest list for my event?

To begin generating a guest list, simply create a People List from scratch or by import an existing list. You can easily import a CSV file with all of your guests’ data if you have one, or paste copied items from a clipboard. If you want to instead create a list from scratch, Eventene allows you to customize what data fields to show for the guests in your list. Once you’ve created a Master List, you can also create a subset of that list if only certain guests are invited to specific Activities.


How do I invite people to an event?

If your registration is public, you can simply share a link to your event and anyone with the link can sign up for your event. If your event is invite-only, your guests will need to be listed in a pre-defined Group in order to register. Once you have created your Groups and assigned each one to each Activity, you can then send out an invite to each of your guests. S


Can I use Eventene to assign tasks or to create seating charts?

Yes. To assign your guests to a specific task, table, or other component within your Event, you must first create a People List and a Places List. Your People List will be your list of guests that need assigning, while your Places List will be your list of items that guests can be assigned to (this can be vehicles, hotels, tables, or even other people). Say you are organizing a school trip with a list of children (your People List) and a list of chaperones (your Places List). In order to assign each child to a chaperone, first navigate to the ‘Build’ tab for your Event. From there, select the Activity that you are interested in assigning, and assign it to the relevant People and Places List through the ‘Edit’ button. Once the Activity you are interested in has its corresponding People and Places Lists, you can navigate to the ‘Assign’ tab to start assigning each guest to his or her “place”. Next to the Activity you are interested in, you will see an ‘Assign’ action button which allow you to drag your guests to their assignments. If assignments are arbitrary, Eventene also gives you an option to auto-assign in order to save you some time. 


What kinds of questions can I ask when inviting people to my event?

When creating each of your Activities, you have the option to ask your guests any relevant questions you may have for them when you send out their invite. You can customize what questions to ask your guests by navigating to each Activity under the ‘Build’ tab. If you are not sure what additional information you might need from your guests, Eventene gives you a variety of question type options in order for you to get the most out of our survey feature.


What kinds of fields can I add for each person?

Although our default fields include each guest’s first name, last name, and email, there are many additional information fields that you can add to your guest’s data entry. In addition to their basic fields, you can also add fields for your guest’s phone number, address, birth date, etc. With other field options such as ‘True or False’, ‘Yes or No’, ‘Number’ and ‘Text’, you can get the most out of our data fields by customizing them to your event. For example, if you are planning a school event, you might want to categorize people by whether they are parents or students, and then further categorize the students by which grade they are in. Eventene allows you to easily keep track of all of the relevant data you need through our highly customizable data entry fields.


What is the difference between a Group and a Section in Eventene?

Although the two list types may look similar in their field options, they serve very different purposes.

Your Group is where you will be creating your guests lists for each Event or Activity that you build. Each new item that you create represents a person (or group of people) that will be receiving an invite to whatever Event you assign them to.

Your Section contains a list of Places that your guests can be assigned to. This can include locations, activities, responsibilities, or even other people. When creating a Place item, you must input the place name as well as the number of spots available at that Place. You also have the option to add an individual’s name and email if the places you are creating have a designated contact person. If you were creating a Places list of cars available for carpool, the name of each car would be your Place Name, the number of seats available would be your Spots, and the car’s owner or driver would be the designated contact person. Like with People items, you can also create your own data fields for each place based on the information you need to gather.


Can I segment a Group or a Section into a smart subset list?

Yes. There are times when creating multiple subset lists for your events will be incredibly useful, and Eventene has created a tool to do just that. Creating subset Groups can help you organize your Activities more effectively, as there may be times where you do not want every guest to attend every individual Activity. For example, if you are hosting an awards ceremony, you might have a special reception meant only for the award winners beforehand.

To create a Subset Group, you must first have created a Main Group, either from scratch or by uploading or importing contacts. This Main Group will likely hold every guest that is invited to your general event. To then create a smaller Subset Group, you can choose the option to ‘Segment an Existing Group’ when creating a new Group. Eventene will then allow you to create Rule Sets in order to filter down your list to include only the guests you are interested in.


How do Rule Sets work?

Rule Sets are a way for you to filter down your Main Group into a Subset Group, based on criteria you want the items in your subset Group to meet. This is useful for narrowing down your guest list when you have an Activity designed only for a specific group of your overall Event guests.

Each Rule Set can be comprised of one or more rules. Each rule takes a specific data field for every guest and checks whether it meets the conditions and values that you have specified. Following the awards ceremony example used above, you can use the Rule Set feature to filter your Master List to guests who have won an award, and title that subset List “Award Winners”. To do this, you create a new Rule Set, and specify that the value of the ‘Award Winner’ data field must be equal to ‘Yes’. 

If you choose to add more than one rule to a Rule Set, your Master List will filter down to include only guests who meet all of the criteria in the Rule Set you have created. If instead you choose to create multiple Rule Sets to filter down a list, your subset List will include guests who meet the criteria in any of the given Rule Sets.


What is the Eventene Mobile App?

The Eventene mobile app allows Event Attendees to get Event information on the go. When the organizer sends out questions, updates, or assignments through Eventene, you will receive an email with a link to download the mobile app and have access to view all of the Event’s necessary details.


Do I need to use the Eventene Mobile App?

As an Organizer, encouraging your guests to download the Eventene app will facilitate your access to the most up-to-date and accurate tracking information and survey responses. The app will also ensure that each guest has access to his or her individual assignments as well as the survey questions you need to successfully host your event. Thanks to our app companion, your guests will never miss any last minute updates regarding your event, guaranteeing that it will run smoothly. 

As an Attendee, the Eventene app gives you a complete itinerary of your event, including time, location, and duration of each Activity, along with the ability to choose your preferred navigational app to get you to where you need to be on time. You will also have access to live updates with push notifications, contact information for the event’s organizers, and the ability to remotely check in and check out.

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