Eventene provides an all-in-one event management system for organizing all your events and activities throughout the year. 

Eventene is ideal for event organizers who have been using a collection of single-purpose tools for promotion, registrations, email communications, surveys, logistics, and day of event check-ins. Even the most basic events require many manual steps and hours of labor to organize and schedule. Take for example organizing an annual Company Holiday Dinner. You might first create a list of guests and email addresses in Excel. Then, you would draft a questionnaire in Word or use an online survey tool to ask about attendance and entrée and guest preferences. Next, you would send that questionnaire out using email, then collect the results one at a time from the replied emails, and finally enter all the response info back into your spreadsheet. Quite a few manual steps requiring a lot of time and effort. 

Eventene streamlines your event management by providing an all-in-one system to assist you with invitations, online registration, surveys, response tracking, ongoing communications, and seating charts. If you need to collect any payments during registration, you can easily do that too.  You can build, manage, and share events all from within Eventene without needing to use another application.

Whether you’re managing large complex events with dozens of moving parts across multiple days and time zones or coordinating a smaller company offsite for 35 attendees, Eventene will save you time and effort to pull off a successful Event.

Who is Eventene for?

Eventene is perfect for event planners who work for small-medium sized businesses, associations, non-profits, corporations, and member-based organizations that host regular recurring events or singular events. You can use Eventene to help organize company events, off-sites, sales meetings, summits, workshops, seminars, reunions, weddings, funerals, school field trips, and many more. Whether the Event is in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of in-person and virtual, Eventene can help you organize it.

You may be adept at spreadsheets, but your time is valuable, and you deserve to work more efficiently. Eventene helps you do this by eliminating the need to work across multiple applications so you or your team can focus on the details of planning a successful event. Whether you are coordinating a small company meeting, holiday party, reunion, fundraiser, Eventene will enable you to organize events faster, more efficiently, and without the headache of working across numerous applications.

What kind of Events can I Organize with Eventene?

Eventene is especially well suited for organizing the following types of events.

Private Events

  • Sales Meetings - plan local, regional, or global sales meetings, from 20 to 2,000 attendees.
  • Retreats - multi-day events involving travel, daily agendas, optional activities, and lodging assignments
  • Training Sessions - organize regular Training Sessions for internal needs or recurring education
  • Workshops / Seminars - single or multi-day events with full agendas, attendance tracks, and social activities

Public Events

  • Conferences - plan and manage in-person or virtual conferences around the world
  • Tradeshows - organize small to medium sized tradeshows, both in-person and completely virtual with sponsors and virtual exhibitors
  • Fundraisers - promote and organize fundraisers of all sizes to benefit your organization

Social Events

  • Reunions - single or multi-day reunions with agendas and social activities
  • Weddings – single or multi-day weddings with rehearsal dinner, day of wedding activities, and social options
  • Parties – send invitations that require only a click to RSVP (no account setup required)


  • Arts - organize and sell tickets to arts performances.
  • Live Streaming – sell tickets to live stream events and control access to the video players
  • Concerts – organize in-person or virtual live streaming concerts.

Activity Sign-Ups

  • Classes / Courses – offer a fixed set or selection of classes and courses where participants can sign up to attend
  • Field Trips – organize school or community field trips with travel and meal arrangements
  • Campouts – organize carpools and include full surveys to gather attendance info necessary for planning
  • Memberships – sign up new members with monthly or annual fee collection