Eventene Overview

Eventene is event planning made simple. Even the most basic events require a tremendous amount of organization and scheduling. Let’s say you want to set up a campout for your child’s scout troop. First you make a list of scouts and parents using Excel. Then, you draft a questionnaire in Word to ask about attendance and find out what supplies each family will bring. Next, you send that questionnaire out using Gmail, collect the results, and input them back into your spreadsheet. Quite a few steps, don’t you think? 

Eventene eliminates the need for multiple organizational applications and provides a one-stop service for roster creation, information collection, data reconciliation, and results sharing. You can build, manage, and share events all from within Eventene without ever needing to open another application.

Whether you’re managing massive events with dozens of moving parts across multiple days and timezones or coordinating a campout for your kids, Eventene will reduce the time and effort you needed to pull off a successful event.


While volunteering for his son’s local Boy Scout troop, founder David Wood spent dozens of hours planning monthly campouts for more than 150 scouts and chaperones. A single event required hours of spreadsheet management, email coordination, and manual data entry that was both time consuming and tedious. David knew there had to be a more efficient way to accomplish these organizational tasks and streamline the planning process. David founded Eventene to tackle this challenge not just for his son’s Boy Scout troop, but for all event coordinators.

The solution to this colossal problem was actually deceptively simple: all events can be broken down into different arrangements of people and places. With this insight, David’s vision—a unified event management application—soon took shape as Eventene. Now Eventene is available to you so you can put aside the hassle and commitment required to plan events and start enjoying them.

At Eventene, we believe that event planning can be simple, cost-effective, and even fun! We listen to our customers and constantly strive to improve our products in order to meet new goals and fulfill our promise to you.

Work Efficiently

Eventene significantly simplifies the event organization process so you can work more efficiently and focus on enjoying your event instead of managing spreadsheets. Here’s how you can use Eventene to simplify your event planning experience:

  1. Build Your Guest List – Import groups from files, spreadsheets, or input the data manually
  2. Build Your Events – Craft every part of your Event and associate Groups with each one
  3. Collect Responses and Payments – Send questions to invitees, track participation, and collect responses and payments automatically
  4. Arrange Participants – Automatically assign people to locations and activities
  5. Share Your Results – Provide your participants with streamlined Event information via web forms or the Eventene mobile app

Who is Eventene for?

Eventene is perfect for small and medium sized businesses, associations, and organizations that host regular recurring events or larger events, such as an annual holiday dinner, virtual summit or fundraiser. Within these organizations, typical users are individual staff or volunteer event coordinators that work alone or in small groups. You can use Eventene to help organize parties, company events, school field trips, monthly campouts, or other group activities. You may be adept at spreadsheets, but your time is valuable, and you deserve to work more efficiently.

Eventene helps you do this by eliminating the need to work across multiple applications so you or your team can focus on the details of planning a successful event. Whether you are coordinating a small class field-trip or a massive fundraiser, Eventene will enable you to organize events faster, more efficiently, and without the headache of working across numerous applications.

What can you do with Eventene?

  • Organize Virtual Summits, Company Offsites
  • Organize Reunions and City Tours
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Plan a campout and arrange carpools
  • Coordinate a school field trip
  • Set up tables for a conference
  • Organize the season calendar and sign ups for a sports team
  • Organize a wedding and arrange seating charts