From within any Event in the mobile app, clicking on the questions tab or countdown tile will open the Questions page. In this section, you can set your attendance status for the Event and Activities and answer any questions the organizer has created. 

You may be prompted to respond to questions in several ways. The organizer is able to send email prompts to alert invitees that questions are awaiting their response. Additionally, if there are unanswered required questions for any Event or Activity, then you will see a badge with the number of remaining questions on the Tab Bar.

Attendance Settings

The first section of the Questions page is the Attendance Settings page. This displays your attendance status for the Event and all Activities to which they are invited. If responses are still open, you will be able to set their attendance status for the Event or any Activities that are set as “Ask Attending” in the web app.

If the Event is “All Attending” or an Activity is “Link Attending,” then you will simply see your attendance status next to the respective Event or Activity.

If there are questions for you to respond to, the “Respond to Questions” button will appear at the bottom of the page. 

Answering Questions

After clicking “Survey,” you will be taken to a new section of the Questions tab and the Tab Bar will be replaced with two buttons, “Back” and “Next,” that will take you through the questions in chronological order with any Event questions coming first.