Within the mobile app, the Dashboard is the hub for an Event. It displays important information regarding the time of the Event, your attendance status, and the Activities you are participating in. The Dashboard is organized by tiles and rows. The upper-left tile displays information on attendance status and the time of the Event, as well as prompting you to respond to questions. In the upper-right is the Event Description tile. This tile displays the Event image and clicking on it will bring up details of the overall Event.

The next section lists Activities you are invited to, along with information on the date and time. Below the Activities section is the tab bar which allows you to easily jump to the Dashboard, Activity Details, Attendees, Assignments, or Questions. 

Countdown Tile

The Countdown Tile is located in the upper left of the Dashboard and provides information on attendance status and the Event time. Before an Event begins, the Countdown Tile will show a countdown until the start time of the Event. This will constantly run until the Event begins, at which time the Countdown Tile will show “Active.” After the Event is completed, the timer will simply read “Completed.”  

Below the timer is an indicator for your attendance status. Below this indicator is the end date and time for question and attendance responses. You can use the attendance status button to change your status until this date and time. After responses are no longer accepted, the button will become read-only text and a lock icon will appear. The Event organizer may change the end time for responses at any point.

Please note that this attendance status is only for the overall Event. While Activity status may be affected (you cannot attend Activities without attending the Event), the Countdown Tile does not provide direct control over Activity attendance status. To do so, simply navigate to the Questions tab and you can change individual Activity attendance status.

Event Description

The upper-right tile on the Dashboard is the Event Description tile. This tile shows the Event image but also links to the Event Description page. Simply click on the tile to navigate to the page where you will find information on the overall Event including: date and time, location, time zone, and a description of the Event. For information on Activities, please read the section below to find out how to navigate to the Activities details tab.


Below the Countdown and Event Description tiles is the Activities section. This section provides quick, at-a-glance information for Activities to which you are invited. If the Event includes many Activities, not all of them may be displayed at any given time, but clicking on any one will bring up the Activities details tab where you can find full details for all Activities. You may also navigate to the Activities details tab by clicking on the “Details” icon on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

Each Activity displays the name of the Activity, the start date and time for the Activity, and the name of your role(s) within the Activity.