Attendees shows a master list of all participants/contacts for an Activity. Unlike Assignments, these attendees are not sorted into buckets and the contact name is used instead of the Place Name. 

To view the list of attendees, simply press the “Attendees” icon on the Tab Bar from within any Event. You will see a list of all Activities to which the current user is invited. Expanding any Activity will show the People and Places Lists for that Activity.

Please note that alternate names are used for People and Places, so the “Field Trip” Activity might have Lists for “Students” and “Group Leaders.”

Under each People or Places List are all the participants/contacts for the respective List. Clicking on any of these will open the Details page for that individual.

You can use the search bar at the top to locate specific People or contacts.



The Details page shows columns from the web app for the selected participant/contact. These could include information such as Address, Zip Code, and Phone Number. Please note that any Email Address, Phone Numbers, or Addresses will be automatically promoted to the top of the Details page. Clicking on either of these options will open the user’s default Email or Phone app. This allows users to quickly contact each other.

Check-In / Check-Out

If you are a Contact for an Activity, you will have additional functionality on the Attendees tab. Contacts are able to Check-In and Check-Out participants/contacts. This allows Contacts to keep track of who attended the Event and when they arrived/departed.

If you are a Contact, simply click “Edit” on a bucket to enable Check-In/Out mode. Then click “Check-In” or “Check-Out” next to an attendee to record their status. Please note that attendees can be both Checked-In and Checked-Out. This is because both Check-In and Check-Out record a time stamp and it may useful for an organizer to see the time stamps for both Check-In and Check-Out. Having separate actions also allows you to undo a Check-In or Check-Out without affecting the other time stamp.