Once you log into the Eventene mobile app, you will see the calendar page. On this page is a calendar with all Eventene events clearly marked. Below the calendar is a list of the Events in chronological order. Pressing on a day on the calendar will focus this list on that day. You can also swipe left or right on the calendar to change what month is selected.

Please note that, by default, completed Events will be hidden on the calendar page. You can show these Events by going to Settings and turning on the “Show Completed Events” feature. 

In order to see Event details, respond to questions, etc., you will need to select an Event from the calendar page. Pressing on an Event from the list will launch the Event Dashboard. If your account has multiple people associated with the Event (for example if you and a family member share an email address), you may see the Persona Select dialog box. If this box appears you will need to choose which user is accessing Eventene.