As a participant in an Event, you can use either the Eventene mobile app or their web browser to respond to questions, view Event details, check assignments, and access other pertinent information. Responding via your web browser is simple and uses a feature called the Eventene Web Forms. This article will explain how to access Events via these Web Forms and how to respond to RSVP and Survey Questions in the Web Forms. 

Accessing Events in Your Web Browser

Once the Event Organizer has created an Event in the Eventene Web App, they will send out invitations to participants via email. The email invitation includes a link to the event. Follow this link to view the Event in your default web browser. If you have the Eventene Mobile App installed, you may be prompted to open the app instead. Please note that you can forget this preference in your OS settings.

While the email will contain basic Event information such as the Event Name, Start and End Times, and Date, it is important to always follow the link so you can get the complete Event details and respond to any RSVP or Survey Questions. 

Navigation and Personas

After you follow the link to the Event, you will see the Event Name, Start Time, and End Time at the top. Next to these details in the persona selector. If you share an email address with another participant, you can use this selector to easily switch between participants. This allows you to respond to the questions for each individual and also view personalized schedules and assignments.

Below the basic details and persona selector is a navigation bar that allows you to move between Event Details, Questions, and Assignments.

Event Details

The Details page contains logistical information for the Event and each Activity. This includes a description of the overall Event (which may include pertinent images, videos, and links) and navigation information for the Event Location. Simply click on the blue navigation icon to get directions.

Below the Event Details are details for each Activity. You will see the Activity Name, Start Date/Time, Duration, as well the Location and navigation icon. Again, click on the navigation icon to receive directions for a specific Activity.

Questions Overview

The Questions tab will walk you through setting your attendance, responding to survey questions, and completing your registration/response. This means that you will use this tab to RSVP for the Event and each Activity as well as answer any specific questions such as "can you drive?" or "what type of meal would you like?". 

Attendance Questions

When you first click on the Questions tab, you will arrive at Step 1: Attendance. This step will ask you to set your attendance for the Event and each Activity.

To set your attendance status for the Event or Activities, simply click either the check or x. In some cases, your attendance for an Activity may be linked to your attendance status for the overall Event and thus you won't be able to individually set your attendance for that Activity. In other cases, the organizer may have set your attendance for the overall Event. Additionally, if you are not attending the overall Event, you will be unable to attend any Activities.

If there is an Attendance Limit set for the Activity, and you are responding after the Activity is full, you may be asked if you wish to join the Waitlist. If you join the Waitlist for an Event, the organizer can see that you want to attend the Activity as well as your order in the Waitlist. They can use this information to add People to Activities if room becomes available.

Finally, please note that all questions have a response window indicated at the bottom of the screen. After this window closes, you will be unable to change your attendance status or responses to Survey Questions.

Survey Questions

Once you have set your attendance status for the Event and each Activity, click "Next" to begin responding to Survey Questions. If you have not answered all of the Attendance Questions you will see a red icon on the progress bar next to "1. Attendance".

Either way, you will be dropped in to the Survey Questions for the overall Event by default. However, you can use the dropdown to select a specific Activity if you wish.

Each Survey Question page contains the same basic features. You will see your attendance status for the Event or Activity (which helps to contextualize the Survey Questions) and any Survey Question will be listed below. Simply respond to these questions as you would any other online survey and click "Next" to move to the next Activity. Please note that Eventene will skip over any Activities that do not have Survey Questions or unanswered Attendance Questions.

When you have completed the Survey click next to go to Step 3: Complete.


Eventene will now check if there are any questions you may have skipped. If you have unanswered required questions, Eventene will direct you to respond to those remaining items. However, if you have answered everything you will see "Survey Complete." At this point you will be presented with several options on how to proceed including reviewing Event Details, and attendance status or viewing Assignments.

You may also choose to add the event to your personal calendar. Pressing the "Add this event to my personal calendar" button will prompt you to download a .ics file. Opening this file allows you to add the event to your calendar.

If there are multiple invitees associated with your email address (for example a mother and daughter sharing an email address) the Survey Complete page may show the option to "Respond to Questions for another Person." Clicking on this option will bring up the persona selector and allow you to choose which person to view the event as.


The final section of the Web Forms is the Assignments page. This page provides individualized information about your roles and assignments for each Activity. After clicking on the Assignments tab, you will land on the first Activity in the Event, but each Activity works the same way.

First you will see a dropdown with the Activity name that can be used to navigate to any other Activity (just as in Questions). Below this will be a dropdown with any assignments you are associated with. This could be done in several ways. You might a passenger in a vehicle and would see the name of the vehicle or the name of the driver in the dropdown. For example, in the image above, Jim Smith is the driver of the vehicle that Ken John is a passenger in. However, you might also be the driver and it would be your vehicle or name that would appear in the dropdown.

Additionally, if you have multiple assignments, like being a member of several groups in an Activity, you will be able to select each group from this dropdown.

Below the assignment selection dropdown is tab selector that allows you to switch between the roles in the assignment. For example, selecting "Passengers" in the example above will show all of the passengers in Jim Smith's vehicle. Clicking on a specific passenger will provide details about that passenger such as their address or phone number. However, selecting "Cars" in the above example, will display information for Jim Smith and his vehicle.

Please note that these assignments are individualized and thus each persona will have unique assignments. It's important to use your own persona in order to receive the correct assignment information.