Released on June 30, 2020

This release features a few minor improvements to My Events for the event participants, as well as a few UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

Web App

  • My Events
    • Clicking on Events in the My Events page now opens that Event's Website instead of its Web Response Form.
  • Events
    • When adjusting an Event's Start Date, the Response cut-off date now adjusts accordingly.
  • Activities
    • Date and Time formats are now consistent across the system, using the format "Jul 4, 2020 7:30 PM"
  • Groups & Sections
    • Text values in comparisons within Rule Sets are now case insensitive. So a Rule within a Rule Set that looks for Type = "Student" will now match any case variation, e.g. "STUDENT", "student", "STUdent", etc.
    • Added a warning message when attempting to delete a Main Group or Section that has dependent Subgroups or Subsections. It was never possible to do delete such a Group or Section, but now the user receives a friendly warning message explaining the reasoning.
  • Track
    • Any changes to a participant's responses within Track Individual are now instantly reflected in the Table, without requiring a screen refresh.
    • The system now exports special characters correctly using "Export to CSV" or "Copy" (to Clipboard). Previously, a text value of "We can't attend" would export as "We can’t attend", but that is fixed now.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
    • Fixed instances where the system would sometimes warn the user that they had unsaved changes in the side panels, when there were no additional changes to be saved.