When an Invitee requests a full or partial refund for a previous Order, the user issues the Refund directly within Stripe. The following instructions describe the process.

Issuing a Refund in Stripe

Follow these steps to issue a Refund in Stripe for a particular Order.

Step 1 - Log into the Stripe Dashboard

Log into the same Stripe Dashboard using the same account that is associated with the Eventene account. 


Step 2 - Select and View the Orders table

In the main menu on the left in the Stripe Dashboard, select the Orders menu item to display the past Orders in a table, as shown by the following screenshot. Note, it's important not to issue refunds from the Payments table, as those are not necessarily tied to specific Orders and the refunds may not appear correctly in your Payments reports. 

Within the Orders table, locate the Order to refund based upon the transaction Date & Time, then click on the row to view it and issue a refund.

Step 3 - Verify the Order Payment to Refund

Carefully review the details of the selected Order Payment to ensure it corresponds with the correct person, amount and transaction date. When ready, click the "pencil" icon next to the Product number in the Items section, as shown in the following screenshot.

Step 4 - Issue the Refund Amount

After clicking the "pencil" icon in the previous step, a "Return order item" dialog appears as follows. To issue a full refund, simply select the first option, "Return this item". To issue a Partial Refund, you can specify the Amount using the third option, "Return an amount", as shown in the following screenshot.