Released on May 5, 2020

This release features a few minor improvements when duplicating Items, i.e. People in Groups and Places in Sections.

Web App

  • Accounts
    • Premier Subscriptions - Upgrading to Premier subscriptions is no longer possible from within the app. If your organization requires higher limits that the Pro plan, contact us ( to discuss a custom Premier subscription plan.
  • Groups / Sections
    • Duplicate Items - When duplicating one or more People in Groups (or Places in Sections), the system now adds " (copy)" to the Last Name field of all copied items. This change makes it easier to identify which items are the duplicates and which are the originals. Simply edit the duplicate items to remove the "(copy)" marker when ready.
    • Deleting Items - When deleting an item (Person or Place), the system now provides more comprehensive warnings when the item is a member of one or more Subgroups. It may not be obvious when deleting an item from a Subgroup that the item will be permanently deleted from the Subgroup and the Main Group (or Subsection and Main Section). The warnings provide a clearer warning for users now, especially since there is no undo action for deleting items.
  • Payments
    • For Pro and Premier plans, the Payment confirmation emails now feature an organization's custom logo, if set.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements
    • After duplicating items in Groups or Sections, the blue action bar now closes automatically
    • Updates to the rich-text editor in the Event Summary and Send tabs
    • Fixed a few issues relating to upgrading from Monthly to Annual subscription plans
    • Fixed an issue where external links were not copied correctly when copying Events