Released on April 21, 2020

This release features a few minor improvements and bug fixes in the platform.

Web App

  • Event
    • Copying an Event now preserves all the Event's settings, such as public/private, attendee visibility, and others
  • Payments
    • Payment confirmation emails now feature the Organization's custom logo and contact info (for Pro¬†and Premier¬†accounts only)
  • Track
    • Fixed an issue where the Check In/Out values were not appearing correctly in the Track Individual tables
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
    • Fixed several issues related to account subscription payments
    • Fixed an issue with CSV imports that were not setting the public/private label correctly in Groups / Layout
    • Fixed an issue where unpublished Events would occasionally appear in participant's My Events pages

Event Websites

  • Activities
    • Added a link to open the participant's list of Activities within their personal Webform, which shows all the details for each Activity, including the start/end times, description, external links, directions, and status.

Mobile App

  • Fixes and Improvements
    • Performance improvements for collecting attendance responses