Share Events

Organizers can use the shared event links to promote their events on their internal websites or via social media. The share link may be found on the Summary tab. Please note that Event registration is still invitation-only. However,the share link provides invitees with another way to access the event details / registration and also allows non-invitees to find out about event details and request an invitation.

Event Websites

Eventene now creates permanent websites for every Event created in Eventene. However, depending upon the Event's Visibility setting (found under Edit Event), the amount of detail visible will change as follows:

Private Events

By default, new Events are "Private", but organizers can change the visibility at any time. For Private Events, you must be logged in and invited to the Event in order to view Event details. Otherwise, the potential guest will only see the name of the Event as show below.

When an invitee logs in, they will be able to view all relevant Event details and register for the Event by clicking the "Respond Now" button. 

Public Events

When an Organizer sets Event Visibility in Edit Event to "Public", anyone with a link to the Event can view its details, regardless of whether they are logged in or have an Eventene account.

The Public setting is especially useful for Organizers who wish to promote their events via email, private websites, or social media channels. 

However, even when set to Public, Event registration is still restricted to invitees.

If an existing Eventene user discovers a public Event, but is not invited to that Event, they can still view the Event details. However, they will not be able to register until they are invited by the Organizer. The "Respond Now" button will be grayed-out. If the user wants to attend the Event, they should contact the Event Organizer.