For some Events, you may need to purchase Products on another person's behalf. For example, if you are a parent who is attending an Event with their child, you may want to purchase entrance tickets for both of you together. After all, most kids don't have credit cards! Thankfully, if you share an email address with the person for whom you are paying, it's easy to complete the process in the Eventene webforms.  

Adding Items to an Order for Another Person

When you receive an invitation to an Event through Eventene, all people that are invited with the same email address share an invitation. Once you open the invitation email, click on the Event link, and open the webforms, you will be able to switch between invitees. Simply click on the persona selector in the upper right hand corner of the webforms screen and then select a person to register.

In this case, since you want to pay for another person, you first need to know what Products to purchase. So, you'll need to first complete the registration process as the person for whom you will be paying. Go through the RSVP and Survey Questions as usual. Once you get to the Payments step, select the desired Products and click "Next". Now, instead of entering your Payment Info, you will simply select "Another person on my account will complete this order." You can then click "Next" and Complete your registration.

Completing the Purchase

Now, use the persona selector to switch to the person that will be paying. Complete the RSVP and Survey Questions and select your desired Products. Once you arrive at the Checkout page, you will notice under Open Orders that the name of your child (or whomever you are paying for) has appeared. When the check next to their name is selected, their Products will be added to the current Cart under Order Summary. In fact, as you check and uncheck their name, you will see Order Summary update with the new Products and quantities.

Finally, fill in your Payment Info and complete the purchase. If your payment is successful, and there are no remaining required Questions or Products, you will arrive at the Complete page having successfully completed the purchases for yourself and the other person on your account. Please note that this will work for any number of people as long as they share an email address. Therefore, it's easy for one person to complete purchases for their entire family or group.