The Payments tab in an Event contains lots of information about purchases and Products. It also allows you to create and edit Products.

Products View

The default view for the Payments tab is the Products View which provides information about any Products the organizer has created. The center of the Products View shows a table which contains all the Products associated with the current Event. This includes the name of each Product, Event / Activities (where the Product appears), the amount or price of each Product, whether invitees are required to purchase the item or not, and the purchase limit per person. Additionally, if the organizer presses the Action icon next to any Product, they can choose whether to Edit or Delete the selected item.

At the top of the table, organizers can use the search bar to locate specific Product, change the number of displayed Products per page, and create new Products with the "New Item" button.

On the left hand side of the Products View are three boxes which display information about the Products in the Event:

Total Collected

Total Collected displays the amount currently received from invitees and the total expected. This allows you to easily see how many people still need to complete their purchases. Clicking on the box will open the Total Collected side panel. This is divided into two tabs: Collected and Remaining.


The Collected tab shows a breakdown of the amount received from the Event and each Activity. The Event total is shown at the top of the table followed by each Activity in order. Finally, the total for the Event and each Activity is shown at the bottom of the table. This is particularly useful if you are running different Activities over many days and want to see which Activity is generating the most purchases.


The Remaining tab breaks down the remaining amount from incomplete purchases by Event and Activity. This allows you to easily see where invitees still need to complete purchases.

Payments Received

Payments Received shows the number of orders received and the total number of orders in progress or completed. Clicking on the box will open the Payments Received side panel.

This side panel shows every order received from invitees in order of the time received. Each order displays the purchaser's name, the total amount of the order, the number of items in the order, and the payment method (Credit or Cash). Clicking on the number of items will also display the name, quantity, and amount of all Products in the order.

Additionally, you can use the search bar at the top to find specific orders.

Orders View

The other view for the Payments Tab is the Orders View. This view shows a table of all completed orders and purchased items. Each row in the Orders table may be expanded to show details about the order including purchased Products, Quantity, Price per Item, Total, and Payment Method. Additionally, each order displays the name of the purchaser, the date of purchase, the Amount, number of Products, and Payment Status.

The left hand side of the Orders View shows Total Collected and Payments Received as with the Products View. See above for details. You can also print or export the table as a CSV from the Actions menu.