If you have an Paid Plan (Standard, Pro, or Premier) then you can add Products to Events and Activities. Products are purchasable goods and services such as tickets, fees, meals, or merchandise. 

To create a new Product, first go to the Payments tab and click on the Products view within any Event. If the Eventene account Owner has not yet linked a Stripe account, they will need to do so before you can add Products. Only the Owner can link the Stripe account so if you are not the account Owner, you will need to contact them. 

However, if the account Owner has already associated a Stripe account, you will be able to access the Payments tab in any Event. This tab includes details about Products, received payments, refunds, and more. Press the "New Product" button to bring up the New Payment side panel.  

To create your new Product, complete the following steps:

  • Choose an Option- Select whether to create a wholly new Product or copy an existing Product from this, or any other, Event.
    • If selecting "Use an existing Product", the user will then need to select which Product to copy.
  • Payment Name - This is simply the name of the Product that organizers and participants will see.
  • Description - Can be used to provide additional details about the Product or clarify its purpose.
  • Event / Activity - Here you select where the Product will appear. Products can be placed on any Activity in an Event or on the overall Event itself. This determines which Groups will see the Product and also what order it will appear in.
  • Amount- The cost of the Product.
    • Set a Price - Enter the price of the Product in USD. Negative values cannot be used.
  • Required - Determines whether the invitee needs to purchase the Product in order to complete their registration. This is useful for items like entrance tickets or fees that are required for Event participation.
  • Limit per Person - Determines the max quantity of the Product that a single individual can purchase.

When you have completed the above steps, simply press "Create" at the bottom of the side panel to finalize the Product. Pressing "Cancel" will discard any information you have entered and close the side panel. Repeat this process to add any additional Products to the Event.