Collecting Payments within Eventene requires a paid subscription plan. Organizers with Standard, Pro, and Premier plans can add items for participants to purchase before or during their Events. These items, referred to as "Products" in the app, can be fees, tickets, food, beverages, merchandise, or anything else that participants might pay for. 

Additionally, Organizers can require specific Products, so that participants will need to purchase them in order to complete their Event registration. 

Following is a screenshot of the Payments tab for the Sample event. In this example, the organizer added a Tour Fee to purchase if participants want to attend an optional tour after the dinner banquet.

Eventene enables organizers to add Products for the Overall Event or for specific Activities, allowing organizers to determine which Groups will see which Products. For example, organizers may be hosting a field trip where different Groups are participating in different Activities. Associating the Products to specific Activities ensures that only the Groups attending those Activities will see and complete the specific payments.

The Payments Tab appears in every Event - whether you set up Products or not - and contains both a view of Products and a view of processed Orders.

For more information on how participants view and complete payments, please see Completing Payments.