Scoutbook is a free advancement tracking tool offered by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The web based application features messaging, forums, community service tracking, camping nights tracking and calendaring; however, Scoutbook is not required by the BSA.

Scoutbook's Calendaring feature allows certain designated people within the unit to create and manage calendar events, such as campouts and Court of Honor ceremonies. Scoutbook's Event capabilities are useful, but limited in capabilities compared to Eventene.

Eventene provides more complex event planning capabilities that are complementary to the core features of Scoutbook. Troops and Packs can use Scoutbook to manage their units and use Eventene to plan their larger events with more activities and complexities, such as campouts, backpacks, summer camps, and fundraisers.

Integration with Scoutbook involves periodically exporting the list of Scouts, Leaders and Parents from Scoutbook into Eventene. This allows the event organizers to plan events with Eventene, inviting all or any subgroup within the Troop or Pack.