Eventene automatically backs up an Organization's Group data, but users can also create a backup of their data. Selecting the Backup action automatically generates a CSV file containing all items and custom fields in the Main Group, whether private or public and whether visible or not in the current table on the screen. The resulting CSV file backup can then be edited and imported back into the same Group to update a large number of items at once. 

Backup a Group

For security purposes, the Backup action is restricted to Admin Users within the Organization. Backup is only accessible for Main Groups, not Subgroups. The Backup action appears in the Actions menu on the People tab of a Main Group. Simply press the Backup option to download the backup CSV of the current Group. 

Generating Unique IDs for the People in Groups

Please note that the backup CSV file includes an extra column (EVENTENE_ID), which contains unique ID values for every item in the Group. This additional ID column can be used as the "Unique ID" field during the Data Import process. Users can use their own unique ID field, however, such as an internal company ID.