Released on May 7, 2019

We updated our subscription pricing by adding an annual option to save around 15% per plan. We also fixed a few minor usability issues. 


We updated our pricing including adding Annual Plans. Customers can now save around 15% by purchasing an annual plan up front, compared to the month-to-month plans. We renamed two of our plans:  Basic to Standard and Pro Team to Premier

We also increased our prices for our Pro and Premier plans to reflect additional value and scalability. Our new prices are as follows.

  • Monthly Rates
    • Free
    • Standard - $10 / month
    • Pro - $39 / month
    • Premier - $99 / month
  • Annual Rates
    • Free
    • Standard - $8.25 / month, billed $99 annually
    • Pro - $33.25 / month, billed $399 annually
    • Premier - $83.25 / month, billed $999 annually

Web App

  • Groups & Sections
    • Extra long values of Text or Comment Fields
      • To improve readability, long text values are now abbreviated when viewed in People and Places lists
      • The full text values will export correctly when the user selects Copy or Export to CSV
      • Similarly, long text values will now be abbreviated in Track Individual tables
  • Track
    • Fixed an issue where the side panel was not staying open after clicking on a Person or a Place to View Details
  • Assign
    • Corrected the total number of Spots for the Section that appears under the "Assignments" page title.
    • Fixed a few scenarios where people on the Waitlist were not moving properly when an attending person changed their status
    • Fixed the Move dropdown to remove extraneous text appearing after the Place names
    • Fixed an issue where the color bar was missing on the left side of a name card when the person's name was longer.

  • Other Minor Improvements
    • Adjusted the color of the Delete (item) button to appear less prominently when editing Events, Activities, Groups and Sections
    • While creating a Subgroup or Subsection, when a user edits the Rule Sets, pressing "Apply Rules" now also closes the side panel