For this example, you will be planning a Campout for a Scout troop with a roster of Scouts, Parents, and a Scoutmaster. Let's get started! 

You're already doing well, because the first step in planning a successful campout for your troop is planning with Eventene.

So, once you’ve created your Eventene account, click on the “Events” tab on the left-hand nav bar. From there, click on the “New Event” button to begin your journey. Since this may be the first event of this kind that you've planned with Eventene, next we'll select "Create from Scratch."

The first order of business is to name the event in question, so start by entering a title like “Campout at Angeles Forest” in the Event name field. Next, we'll enter information about the Event Start and End Date/Time (for example: “9/24 @ 9:00am to 9/26 @11:00am) and the Event Location (Angeles National Forest, CA). 

Additional details such as a description, event image, and activities may be added after the initial Event creation. Finally, we'll need to select a guest list to invite to the Event. Let's assume you haven't yet created any guest lists (Groups) in Eventene and leave the "Invitees" section blank. Finally, press the "Create" button at the bottom of the side panel. 

Now, you'll see the Event Summary tab. Here you can add a description by entering text in the description box. You can also edit Event Details by pressing the pencil icon at the top of the page next to the Event Name. A side panel will open. Let's go to the Attendance option in the details tab so we can change the RSVP settings for our guests. In this case, we'll want to individually ask each person on the roster if they can attend the event so we'll leave the Group attendance settings set to "Ask if Attending." Alternately, if you know everyone on your guest list is attending, you can set "All Attending." 

Now, let's go create that guest list so people will actually attend our event! Click the Groups tab on the left-hand nav bar to get started. Since the event takes place in only one location, all you need is a single Group which will serve as your guest list. For this event you would name the Group something like “Troop Roster,” which will consist of 10 couples. Press "New Person" and then click on “Create Group from Scratch”. Enter the Group Name for this guest list.

After pressing the "Create" button you will be able input names directly (i.e. “The Fraziers, The McKeowns, etc.”). Simply go to the Groups tab within the Group and press "New Person". By default, there are fields for First Name, Last Name, and Email (which is all we'll need for this Event), but if you need more fields you can add them from the Layout tab.

Now that you have your Group and have created the general Event, it’s time to create Activities. Activities are the specific itinerary items that make up a larger Event. For example, this campout doesn't just include hiking, there's also cooking, campsite duties, and dinner.

Adding new Activities can be achieved by navigating to the Activities tab within the Campout Event and clicking on “New Activity.” For Activities, you can input the name of the part and the time frame the Activities will encompass. For this Campout, the Activities could be as follows:

  • “Meet at Hollywood Elementary School, 8:00am-9:00am”
  • “Drive to Angeles Forest, 9:00am-10:00am”
  • "Tent Setup, 10:00am-10:30am"
  • “Hiking, 10:30am-3:30pm”
  • “Campsite Duties, 3:30pm-6:00pm”
  • "Dinner and Bedtime, 6:00pm-10:00pm"

Remember that you can add, remove, or modify Activities as needed; these are simply suggestions for this campout Event. Also, each Activity may have it's own Attendance settings and guest lists. For more complex Events, this allows you to create different groups of invitees for each Activity. Let's set the Group Attendance to "Ask if Attending" for each Activity since we don't know if each invitee is able to attend every Activity. For example, some invitees may only be able to attend through Hiking, but need to leave before dinner starts.

At this point, we can associate that Group we previously created with each Activity. Simply open up the Edit Activity side panel by clicking on the respective Activity and then move to the Groups tab. Here we can Groups to the selected Activity.

Don't worry about Sections right now, because this is just a simple campout and we don't have any specific roles or responsibilities to assign to our guests. Under the drop down for Group, select "Troop Roster" Repeat this process for each Activity.

Finally, it's time to invite your guests. Move to the Send tab within the Event. Select the "Troop Roster" Group and then click "Compose." Now, you'll write a message to your guests and click "Review." When you're satisfied with your message, click "Send" and your invite will automatically go out to all of the invitees on the "Troop Roster" Group . Once invitees start opening and responding to the invitation you can track their responses in the Track tab.

And that’s really all there is to it! Of course, there's a lot more power and flexibility to be unlocked, but you've already mastered the basics of planning campout Events. With Eventene at your disposal, your troop's events have never been easier to plan. In no time at all you’ll be the toast of your town. Well done!