Released on January 29, 2019

With this release, all new account holders will receive a sample event ("Annual Dinner Banquet"). This sample Event showcases how you might set up a yearly company banquet that includes: 2 locations, 3 Activities, and a single guest list. This sample Event can be invaluable for learning the basics of Eventene.


Web App

  • Events
    • New Sample Event
      • When new users create an account, the system will now create a sample event ("Annual Dinner Banquet")
      • The sample event is meant to assist new users with learning the Eventene system
      • Users can modify, copy or delete the sample event.
    • Accounts
      • Fixed an issue where emails were sent to Free account users, reminding them that their subscriptions were renewing each month. There is no need to send such reminders to Free users.
  • Lists
    • New Sample Lists
      • As part of the new sample Event, new users will also received two sample lists
      • Users can learn more about this sample event at the following link
    • Edit Field
      • Users can now view the Field Type and Option settings for all custom Fields
      • Users can now change the Field Type of any custom Text Field to one of the following Field Types
        • Comment
        • Phone
        • Number
      • Other Field Type conversions will be added over time.
      • Note: When the user initiates a Field Type conversion by pressing the "Save" button, the system will commence the data conversion in the background and email the user when completed with a success or failure status.
    • Items
      • Fixed an issue where Address field types were not appearing correctly on the side panel