Released on January 22, 2019

This release provides a few useful enhancements in the Track / Individual section, as well as a few other minor fixes.


Web App

  • Lists    
    • Auto-show of Custom Fields - the system will now show the first 5 custom fields automatically on the Items table, without users having to use "Edit Columns" to show them.
    • Additional minor fixes
      • Fixed an issue where updating a Master List would change the "Last Modified" date for that Master List and all dependent Segmented Lists. With this release, only the Master List's "Last Modified" date is updated.
      • Added an error message when users of Free accounts attempt to add more than 25 items in a List, the upper limit for Free accounts. Upgrading to a paid account raises the limit.
  • Events
    • Track / Individual
      • Updates to the default Column Headers in the Individual tables
        • The "Email" field is now hidden by default on individual Activity tables
        • The first 3 Question fields now appear automatically on the Track Individual table for each of the Activities. Users no longer have to "Edit Columns" to add Question fields manually.
      • Updates to the "Copy" and "Export to CSV" actions
        • Time Zone Labels Removed - the system now reports date/time values without the time zone labels. Instead of "Jan 15, 2019 09:30 AM (PST)", the system will now report date/time values as "Jan 15, 2019 09:30 AM". Removing these time zone labels makes it easier to use the values when copying to an external spreadsheet.
    • Activity
      • Fixed an issue where the save confirmation pop-up message sometimes appeared at incorrect times