Released on January 17, 2019

This release focused on ...

 We also fixed a few minor usability issues, described below.


Web App

  • Accounts
    • Reduced system message sizes - System messages that used to appear across the entire top of the app (e.g. "Signed in successfully) now appear narrower to avoid covering any menus or other important areas near the top.
  • Lists    
    • New labels on Archived Lists - After an Event completes, the system waits 24 hours after completion, then archives the Event and its associated Lists. If the user returns to view a completed Event in the future and opens up an archived List, that List will now indicate that it is "Archived" with a label in the header. Changes to archived Lists do not affect the current version of that same List, hence the importance of the label to reminder the user.
    • Improved Edit Columns for Segmented Lists - Previously, editing the columns for one Segmented List would change the same columns for all Segmented Lists dependent upon the same Master List. Now, user can customize the columns for each Segmented List independently of the others.
    • Other minor updates
      • Users can now review and change the choices for a Multiple Choice field in a Master List
      • Fixed an issue where the List Description was not copied over correctly when a user selected "Copy from an Existing List"
      • The "Available Lists" page now renders more quickly 
  • Events
    • Available Events
      • Improvements to the "Transfer" action when copying an Event and associated Lists from one paid account to another
    • Summary
      • Users can now edit the following Event Details on archived events: Event Name, Description, Location, Event Image
    • Activity
      • Users can now resize the Question Text box when editing Questions in an Activity, allowing for easier editing of longer entries.

Web Response Forms

  • When users enter text into Text and Comment fields, both of those input boxes now auto-size up to 6 lines, after which a vertical scroll bar appears.