Released on January 10, 2019

This release changes the default attendance settings when creating new Events. Previously, each Event was set to "Ask" each participant whether they would attend the Overall Event and each Activity. Customers liked the overall default ask "Ask", but told us they preferred each Activity to "Link" to the Overall Attendance status, since that's the more common use case. Changing the default settings simplifies the Event creation process. 

Likewise for Places, customers told us they preferred to assume all Places are available across the Event (technically, "available"). Therefore, the new default attendance settings for Places are "All" for the Overall Event and "Link" for each Activity.

 We also fixed a few minor usability issues, described below.


Web App

  • Accounts
    • Fixed an issue where admins were unable to edit or delete Users on their accounts
    • Fixed an issue where users were not able to add discount codes correctly
  • Lists    
    • Improvements to the "Combined Lists" feature
      • When combining multiple Master lists, custom fields from each List will appear in the combined List
      • Identical Fields in the original Lists will be merged in the combined List, but some of the data values may be lost if they differ between the original Lists
    • Fixed a minor issue, where previously clicking directly on the List name did not open the side panel
  • Events
    • Summary
      • Added color to the labels on the banners, indicating an Event's status
        • Pending (grey), Active (green), Completed (blue)
      • Changes to the following default Attendance settings for new Events
        • Overall Event
          • Attendance setting for People remains as "Ask" (e.g. ask each participant whether they will attend the Overall Event)
          • Attendance setting for Places changed to "All" (e.g. assume each place will be available for the Overall Event
        • Activity
          • Attendance setting for People changed to "Link" (e.g. link each participant's overall attending status to the Activity)
          • Attendance setting for Places changed to "Link" (e.g. link each place's overall availability to the Activity
      • Fixed a few minor image formatting issues when editing the Event Description
    • Track
      • Printing improvements to Track Individual data tables
        • More information now fits onto the printed page
        • Improved page layout and formatting

Web Response Forms

  • Printing improvements throughout the web response forms
    • Printing the Event Details page now prints the entire contents without having to first activate "Show More"
    • Formatting updates for margins, headers, footers, page breaks, and page numbering

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