Released on December 6, 2018

This release features a new action for event participants to add events to their personal calendar. We also fixed a few minor bugs.


Web App

  • Accounts
    • When switching accounts, users now land on the Dashboard of the target account, rather than Account settings
    • The system will now send reminder emails about upcoming renewal charges to users on paid subscription plans a few days prior to their next billing date
    • Eventene logo added to the printed invoices
  • Lists
    • Selected rows are now highlighted to indicate which item is being edited in the side panel
    • Added the Time value on the List details page for Created and Last Modified
    • For the data export actions "Copy" and "Export to CSV", the blank rows and columns before the data block have been removed
    • Long field values, such as email addresses, now wrap in their own column, instead of extending into the next column
    • Renamed the "Copy" action to "Transfer"
    • Fixed a few minor formatting issues
  • Events
    • List of Events
      • Added the Time value to the Last Modified date column (e.g. "12/04/18 2:50 PM")
    • Summary
      • The organizer can now see how attendance is determined directly in the Event header area. By default, event attendance is determined by asking participants ("Ask" setting), but the organizer can assume all participants will be attending ("All" setting). The label in the header makes it easier to see which method is in use.
    • Activities
      • Added a new "Description" field for each Activity, which appear in the web response forms
      • Selected rows are now highlighted to indicate which activity is being edited in the side panel
    • Send
      • Default suffixes on the different question types have been removed (e.g. "-- ASSIGNMENTS" and "-- UPDATE")
    • Track
      • Selected rows are now highlighted to indicate which item is being edited in the side panel
      • The "Options" menu is now easier to use on a mobile device with a small screen
      • Users can now reset a user's attending responses by setting them to "Undecided". Making that change to the overall event will prompt the user to confirm that all the event's activities will also change to "Undecided".
      • On the Responses Summary pages, survey questions that require a response are now indicated with a "(Required)" label
      • Added tooltip labels above icons in Track Summary
      • Fixed a few wording inconsistencies
    • Assign
      • Corrected instances where Action menus were not appearing correctly for People and Place items
      • Fixed a few alignment issues

Web Response Forms

  • Questions
    • New Action on the Completed page: "Add this event to my Personal Calendar"
      • Clicking on this action generates a customized calendar event (in standard .ICS format)
      • The user then opens the .ICS file in their email application to add it to their personal calendar
      • The body of the calendar event contains a custom short-link back to their web response form, so they can check the event details or update their previous responses