Event Description

The upper-right tile on the Dashboard is the Event Description tile. This tile shows the Event image, but also links to the Event Description page. Simply click on the tile to navigate to the page where you will find information on the overall Event including: date and time, location, time zone, and a description of the Event. For information on Activities, please read the section below to find out how to navigate to the Activities details tab. 

Event Details

Clicking on the “Details” tab will take you to the “Activity Details” page. This page shows information for each Activity in the Event within expandable/collapsible sections. Each Activity section contains the Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Location, and Duration of the Activity. Additionally, any updates sent by the organizer will appear listed below these details. 


The Assignments tab shows individualized roles by Activity. Like the rest of the Eventene app, each Activity has its own expandable/collapsible section. Within each section are all of your assignments. Assignments are displayed as buckets (these mirror the buckets in the Assign phase of the web app). Each bucket shows the Place Name and all participants assigned to that Place. If you are a participant you can see your fellow participants.

Additionally, if you are a participant/contact in multiple Places within an Activity, you will see all those buckets in the same section. For example, if you are the contact for multiple tables at an Activity, you will see each table as a unique bucket. This makes the Assignments tab an efficient summary of your roles at an Event.

Finally, the Assignments tab (as well as the Attendees tab) allows users (with sufficient privileges) to Check-In and Check-Out attendees. Simply click “Edit” on a bucket to enable Check-In/Out mode. Then click “Check-In” or “Check-Out” next to an attendee to record their status. Please note that attendees can be both Checked-In and Checked-Out. This is because both Check-In and Check-Out record a timestamp, and it may be useful for an organizer to see the time stamps for both Check-In and Check-Out. But having separate actions also allows you to undo a Check-In or Check-Out without affecting the other time stamp.


Attendees shows a master list of all participants/contacts for an Activity. Unlike Assignments, these attendees are not sorted into Places based on their Assignments.

Like Assignments, you may Check-In and Check-Out attendees from this tab. However, unlike Assignments, this is not restricted to your individual buckets. Simply click “Edit” on a bucket to enable Check-In/Out mode. Then click “Check-In” or “Check-Out” next to an attendee to record their status.

Finally, clicking on any attendee’s name will take you to the contact details page for that attendee.


The Contact page (accessible from the side menu) provides access to details for each participant and contact. Clicking on an attendee name brings up their personal information. Any addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses will be shown at the top of the page and will link to the user’s default phone or email app respectively.

The visible columns are controlled by the organizer from within the web app. This allows the organizer to use personal information for the purposes of event planning, but restricts the display of that information to attendees.