Personas are the identities of invitees. These are different from users in that a single user may have multiple personas and can switch between them from within a single account. 

Types of Personas by Activity

Participant Only

If the user is only a participant, they will not be able to use the Check-In/Out functionality, and will be unable to see custom fields for any participants/contacts under Contact Details.

Contact Only

If the user is a contact, they will be able to use the Check-In/Out functionality and will be able to see custom fields for participants/contacts in their bucket(s) under Contact Details. They will also answer questions for all buckets under their supervision.

Participant and Contact

If the user is both a participant and a contact, they will have the functionality of a contact for the Activity. They will answer questions for both the participant and contact roles. This includes any and all buckets associated with their contact role.

Unique Persona

Any distinct First Name + Last Name combination for an account is considered a unique persona.  An account is a unique email address and thus a unique persona is essentially First Name + Last Name + Email address. For the purposes of this spec, we will assume we are using a single account. There may also be multiple merged personas within a unique persona, but two different First Name + Last Name combinations will never be merged.

Merged Persona

A merged persona occurs whenever there are multiple instances of a First Name + Last Name combination associated with an email address. This could occur when the same person is found on multiple Lists across Activities for an Event. For simplicity and efficiency, the app combines these personas so the individual can view all Activities, questions, and details pertaining to them.

Questions Tab

The questions tab will consolidate information from multiple personas in order to streamline the process of answering questions for users. If they change their attendance status for any Activity or Event, this status is reflected across all merged personas. However, if the user has other unique personas by First Name + Last Name associated with the email address on the account, these unique personas will not be affected by the change to attendance status. This is because they are considered unique people. For example, if Michael Fox from Scenario 3 above is looking at the questions tab, he will only see 3 Activity RSVP Questions and 1 overall Event RSVP Question.

Once the user has determined their attendance status, they will move on to the Event and Activity questions. These questions, unlike the attendance status, are not merged. If the user is a participant/contact for an Activity, they will see all of their participant questions as well as all of their contact questions. These questions will be within the same page but contain headers with the alternate list name to indicate for what role the user is answering.

In the example of a hike, this would mean the user might be both a “Hiker” and a “Group Leader.” They will answer questions pertaining to both lists if applicable. Additionally, if the user is a “Group Leader” for multiple groups, they will answer questions for each group. This is because there may be instances where each group has different responses to questions. Take a carpool for example: The cars may be the different Places and thus it could be important to collect different information for each car, i.e. seats, make, model, fuel economy, etc.