Released on August 8, 2018

This release is focused on improving the user experience for Event invitees when they are filling out the Web Response Forms. We have also made it easier for organizers to create simple events by automatically creating the first Event Part and helping the organizer create and associate their first List. Additional improvements and bug fixes are described in the following notes.

Web Response Forms

  • Details
    • Fixed a few formatting issues in the Description section
  • Questions
    • Added a progress bar at the top of the Questions page that now informs each event invitee the 3 steps they need to follow to respond to the invitation.
      • Step 1 - Set their attending status for the event and its activities
      • Step 2 - Respond to additional questions (if any) for the event
      • Step 3 - Receive a confirmation that they completed their response
    • Improved several terms on the Attendance and Survey pages
      • "Overall Event" changed to "Event"
      • "Event Parts" changed to "Activities"
    • Streamlined the navigation through the Survey pages
      • The Survey section is broken up into pages for the overall Event and each of its Event Parts.
      • When the user progresses through the Survey using "Next" and "Previous" buttons, they will now automatically skip over pages that contain no survey questions or unanswered attendance questions.
    • Improved the wording of the instructions on the Survey Complete page
    • Improved the date input control within Survey questions.
    • Improved the indicator for required questions.
    • Fixed an issue where the choices of multiple choices questions were capitalized.
    • Fixed an issue where the count of remaining required questions (the value in the red circle) would occasionally not count the responded questions correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where users were unable to click on the the entire rectangle for rank choice questions
  • Assignments
    • Wording changed to "No Assignments" for each activity, when assignments have not yet been set.

Web App

  • Events
    • Improvements to creating simple Events. 
      • Users can now select the first List for the new Event
      • The app will now create the first Event Part for the user and automatically associate the selected List.
    • Provided an additional option to preserve the attending status (for all items, across all parts) when copying an existing Event or Event Part. By default, the system clears all attendance, survey questions, and previous assignments in the copied Event or Event Part. All three options are as follows. 
      1. Clear all previous attendance responses
      2. Clear all previous responses to survey questions
      3. Clear all previous assignments
    • Fixed several issues concerning the copying of completed events
  • Lists
    • If a new user creates their first Event before they create their first List, the web app now provides a button on the Event Summary page to create their first List.
    • Added a "Cancel" button when editing the Rules definitions for Segmented Lists
  • Send
    • The "From" value on outgoing emails now uses the Organization name, instead of the logged in User name, as shown in the following example.
      • From:  ABC Organization (
    • When recipients of the invitation emails reply to them, they will be addressed to the logged in user who sent the emails, as shown in the following example.
      • Reply To:  John Doe (
    • Fixed a formatting issue on iPhones, where the invitation emails were appearing only half-width.
  • Track
    • Fixed an issue where completed surveys on the Mobile App or Web Response Forms were sometimes not totaling correctly on the summary pages.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes an incorrect List name appeared in the Summary and Individual tables.