Released on July 12, 2018

This release adds support for editing multiple items at once and support for selecting (or unselecting) grouped items on the Track / Individual tables. Additionally, the Web Response forms now show event parts that are in progress, not only the ones coming up that have not yet started.

Web App

  • Lists
    • Segmented Lists
      • Rule values must contain a valid entry, which the app now enforces.
      • Rules now support the Yes/No field type correctly.
  • Parts
    • Copying Parts
      • Copying an Event Part now preserves the date/time value of the original
  • Track / Individual
    • New Multi-Item editing capability
      • New "Edit" button on the Track / Individual pages allows for editing one or more items (rows) across a selection of people or places.
      • To select multiple items for editing, use the ctrl/cmd key to toggle the selection of individual items in the table and shift to select a range of records. Then simply click the "Edit" button below the table.
      • Supported field types include Text or Number fields in Questions and Lists.
      • For now, multi-item editing is supported only for tables within Track / Individual, and not yet within Lists. However, editing List fields within tables in Track / Individual does alter their values permanently in the Lists.
    • New Select / Unselect All actions when showing grouping items
      •  When viewing items by group using "Group By", users can now select or unselect all items within the group by clicking on the check or "x" icons, as shown in the following image.
      • Note: In some cases, non-visible items may not be selected, such as when additional items appear on the following page. To ensure that all items in a single group are selected, change the "Show # entries" to show all of the group items before selecting them.

Web Response Forms

  • Personas
    • The circled initials that represent the persona names (e.g. "JS" for "John Smith") now remain "JS" whether the full name is shown as "John Smith" or "Smith, John".
  • Parts
    • Active parts now appear in a section called "In Progress"
    • Completed parts now appear for 6 hours after completion in a "Completed" section.