Released on March 26, 2018

This release fixed a few minor issues and added a few new features.

  • Lists
    • Fixed an issue, where attempting to delete a List with current event dependencies would hide the items in the List.
    • Fixed an issue, where it was sometimes not possible to delete a List, even though the system reported that it had no event dependencies.
  •  Events
    • Fixed an issue, where the Start Time for a copied Event was not synchronized properly with the original Event's Start Time. As an example, if the original Event started at 7:30 pm, the default Start Time for the copied Event is now set to 7:30 pm.
  • Track
    • Improved the header labels on the reports generated with the "Print" feature
    • Fixed an issue, where adding two or more criteria in the "Filter By" dialog did not filter the list items properly.