Released on Feb 14, 2018

This release focuses on enhancements in Sending and Tracking

Updated Track Summary Layout

  • New "Track Summary" layout
    • Each summary page now contains three sections:
      • Attendance - summarizes attendance responses: Yes, No, and Undecided
      • Survey Questions - summarizes completion of required survey questions
      • Email Tracking - provides detailed tracking for the sent emails
    • Clicking on underlined lists 


New "Send Reminders" feature

  • Within the "Track Summary" pages (see screenshot above), organizers can now click on any underlined list (e.g. Undecided, Incomplete) to review specific recipient names. 
  • Each of these categorized list on the "Track Summary" pages also includes a "Send" button, allowing the organizer to send a target set of emails to that specific list of names. That action is especially helpful for sending reminders for those event participants, who have not yet decided their attending status or who have not yet completed all the required questions in the event's survey.