Released on Feb 8, 2018

This release focuses on general bug fixing and minor enhancements for the MVP release.

  • Accounts
    • Entering an invalid discount code now displays an error
    • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements with payments
    • User invitations that are pending, when an account downgrades to Free, are removed
    • Added organization account names on reminder emails when an account is scheduled to downgrade from a paid plan to Free.
  • Build
    • Sort order for Event Parts is now 1) by date/time, 2) then by name, 3) then by duration
    • Fixed an issue where “Information Only” questions on Build pages were not displaying line feeds consistent with how they appeared on the mobile app.
  • Send/Track
    • Sending to a selection of people now permitted within completed event parts
    • Sending to a selection of people now resets the selection after sending
    • Fixed issues with mixed case in email addresses
    • Fixed an issue where non-attending people were not filtered out of summaries
    • Changing a person’s attendance to Yes in an event part will change their overall attending status to Yes, if it was No.
  • Assign
    • Fixed an issue where a person could temporarily disappear, if the place they were assigned to was suddenly no longer attending the event