Released Jan 17, 2018

This release focused on the introduction of the “Undecided” state when determining attendance for the Event and Event Parts.

  • Build
    • Added an “Undecided” option within the “Ask If Attending” selection. This option will present a new attending switch for the mobile users, with a default “Undecided” setting. Once the mobile user selects Attending or Not Attending, then the button becomes a toggle switch.
  • Send / Track
    • Track Summary – count people as attending by actual Yes values, not by default
    • Changes to the way attending status values are displayed in Track Individual
      • No – actual No
      • Yes – actual Yes
      • No* – when No “by default”
      • Yes*– when Yes “by default”
      • (blank) – when Undecided (neither Yes no No)
  • Assign
    • Display attending people and places by actual Yes values, not by default