Released Dec 15, 2017

This release focused on enhancements to account management and tracking.

  • Accounts
    • Users can now enter discount codes when upgrading from a Free to a paid plan
    • Improved error messages during collection of billing information
    • Additional users with admin privilege can now rename the organization name on the account
    • Improved error messaging when a user has already verified their email and clicks again on the verification link in email
    • Minor rearrangement of the tabs on the My Accounts page
  • Track
    • Enhancements to Track Individual pages
      • Added a "Select All" checkbox action on the table grid on all Track Individual pages, allowing organizers to perform a single action on selected items.
      • Added Tracking Data to Individual details - when a person is selected in the grid, the details for that person below now show the following Tracking Fields.
        • Event Tracking fields - Sent Date, Opened Date, Bounced, Unsubscribed
        • Event Part Tracking fields - Responded, Checked In Date, Check Out Date
    • Other minor bug fixes
  • Assign
    • Date/time values adjusted correctly now for the local timezone