Assigning is the process of associating People with Places. Assign is a key phase in the Eventene workflow and provides a powerful tool for participant management. By completing this step, the organizer can put specific individuals into spots within a Place in order to produce a list of assignments for various purposes such as carpools or dinner seating.  

Getting Started

The Assign process can be applied to each Activity within an Event. To begin assigning you must first have both a Group and Section associated with the Activity. If one of these is not associated with the Activity, you can still view the Assign feature but will be unable to make any assignments.

Assigning is as easy as selecting People from the Unassigned list to the right of the screen and moving them into spots within Places in the middle. Once in a spot, that person is Assigned. You can also see Undecided and Not Attending People on the right hand list.

Once assignments are complete, you can proceed by sending these assignments to your guests in Web Forms via the Send tab. Please note that, by default, assignments will appear to invitees in the Eventene mobile app as soon as they are made.