Assigning is the process of associating People with Places. Assign is a key phase in the Eventene workflow and provides a powerful tool for participant management. By completing this step, the organizer can put specific individuals into spots within a Place in order to produce a list of assignments for various purposes such as carpools or dinner seating.  

Assignments Setup

If you do not have a Group or Section associated with an Activity, upon selecting that Activity you will see the Assignments Setup menu. This menu will walk you through the process of preparing your Activity for Assignments. The first step is to associate a Group. This will add the specific People that you will be assigning into Places. You may also determine the plural name for People at this point. For example, the Group "Guest List", might have "Guests."

Next, you will add a Section. The Section contains the list of Places that you will put People into. Within each Place are Spots. A Person occupies a single Spot. Like with Groups, you may rename Places and Spots to fit your specific needs. Please note that the field used for Spots must be a Whole-Number type field. For both Groups and Sections you may press the "+" button next to the respective dropdown to create a new Group or Section instead of selecting a pre-existing list.

Finally, when you are done, press the "Confirm" button to complete the setup phase and move on to the Assign process. 

Assign Layout

After you click on the Assign tab you will see three sections. On the far left is a list of the Activities in the current Event. Clicking on any Activity will bring up assignments for that Activity. Please note that you must have both a Group and a Section associated with an Activity to make assignments. If you do not have both, some elements of this process (such as Places or unassigned People) will not appear. In the middle of the Assign tab window are the Places. These are essentially buckets with a specific number of spots in them. You may assign People to these spots and those assignments will be shown to Event invitees via the Web Forms and Eventene mobile app.

You may also choose to view the Assign tab in either "Tiles" or "Columns" views. Tiles View makes each Place a uniform size so you can maximize the number of visible Places. Columns View expands each Place to be taller so that you can see more People within each Place.

Finally, the far right of the screen shows a list of Unassigned People. This list is divided into Attending, Waitlisted, Undecided, and Not Attending People. You will move Unassigned People from this list into one of the buckets in the center in order to make assignments. To move an Unassigned Person, simply drag and drop them from the list into the desired Spot. You may also click on the actions menu next to their name, click "Move" and then select the Place you wish to assign them to. You may also select multiple People using a mouse or touchscreen. 

Now let's look at the additional actions you have available. Clicking on any Person will display their details including individual information, Question responses, and Tracking data.

Attendance Limits and Waitlists

Often, the size of an Activity must be restricted based on space or resources. In this case, you can set an Attendance Limit for the Activity to restrict the number of Attendees that can register. Please note that you can only use Attendance Limits for Activities where the Attendance Setting is "Ask."

If you add a Waitlist, you will see the Waitlist appear in Assign under the Unassigned People section. Please note that the Waitlist will not appear until someone is on the list. You cannot move People from the Waitlist to a Spot, but you move People from the Waitlist to Unassigned People if room becomes available and the Waitlist setting is set to Manual (see below under Assignment Settings).

If there is an Attendance Limit in effect for the Activity, you will see an "!" icon next to the total number of Spots and that number will reflect the available spots given the Attendance Limit.

Select All / Unselect

You may select all People with assignments by clicking the Actions dropdown and then pressing "Select All." Likewise, you may remove any current selection by pressing "Unselect" from this same dropdown. Please note that "Select All" and "Unselect" actions are also available within individual Places.


In order to quickly view and assign specific sets of People, you can use Filters. To create a Filter, simply click on the Filters dropdown. You will then see all of the currently created FIlter Sets and may turn them on and off by clicking the switch next to the respective Filter Set. To add or remove Filter Sets altogether, click "Edit Filters." This will bring up a side panel where you can create Filters for the filters.

Press the "New Filter Set" button to add a new group of FIlters. Filters can be grouped together in Filter Sets so that you can create conditions for a Filter to be applied. For example, you may want to create a Filter to include only people that are "Kids" and live in the neighborhood "Fairfax."

Adding a specific Filter is easy. First select the Field you will use for the Filter. Next select the criteria for the Filter. This can be that the Field "contains", "does not contain", "equals", etc. a specific value. You will enter this value in the "Value" field.

So, for example, the Filter "Type", "Equals", and "Kid" will filter for items where the "Type" Field is exactly equal to "Kid."

To delete any Filter, simply click the trash can icon next to the Filter. After you have created your Filters and Filter Sets, press "Apply Filters" at the bottom of the side menu. You will immediately see the Assign tab update to display only the items that meet the criteria you have just created.

Assignments Settings

Clicking on the gear next to Assignments will bring up the Assignments Settings menu. This will allow you to change the associated Group or Section, rename People, Places or Spots, change Spots, and change the displayed Fields. You can also set how People are moved off of the Waitlist when Spots become available. There are two options: Automatic (default) and Manual. Automatic will move the top person on the Waitlist to the Attending section of the Unassigned People list. It will not assign them to a Spot. Manual will not move anyone off the Waitlist unless the organizer manually moves them.

Please note that, if you set Waitlist settings to Manual, the system will not allow participants to jump the line and grab an open Spot before the organizer can make the new Assignment.

Display Fields allow you to show additional data from Groups or Sections, Questions, or Tracking in order to make decisions on Assignments. For instance, you could display Neighborhood information to better inform Assignments in a carpool. Or else, you might use responses to a Survey Question on meal choice to create table assignments at a wedding. Display Fields are shown below each Person's full name.