Tracking Individual allows you to see the specific, unique responses of guests to your RSVP and Survey questions. This can also be used to follow up with guests and edit responses.

Track - Individual

The Individual Tracking view allows you to view a table of all individual responses sorted by Event and Activity as well as the unique information for specific People or Places. Therefore, you must select between Groups or Sections. Then, you will see the correct tally of all total People and Places based on your selection. Clicking on an Person or Place will bring up their details including any Survey Question responses, purchases, or Tracking information. 

Edit Columns

Edit Columns allows you to rearrange the order of columns and change which columns are visible within an Activity. To access Edit Columns, click on the Customize dropdown and then press the "Edit Columns" button. This brings up a side panel. In this side panel you may rearrange the order of columns by pressing the "Move" button from the actions menu by any field. You may also show or hide columns by clicking on the "eye" icon to the left of any field.


Filters are accessible via the "Advanced Filters" button in the Filters dropdown. Pressing this button will open a side panel. Here you may create sets of Filters to apply to the current view. Press "New Rule Set" to begin adding Rules. Next, give the Rule Set a name. You may also toggle the Rule Set on or off using the toggle next to the Rule Set Name. After this, simply begin adding Rules.

Adding a specific Rule is easy. First select the Field you will use for the Rule. This can be any field from the Group or Section. Next select the criteria for the Rule. This can be that the Field "contains", "does not contain", "equals", etc. a specific value. You will enter this value in the "Value" field.

So, for example, the rule "Type", "Equals", and "Kid" will filter for items in the Group or Section where the "Type" field is exactly equal to "Kid." After you have created your Rules and Rule Sets, press "Apply Rules" at the bottom of the side menu to apply the Rules to the view.


In the Actions dropdown are two additional options for the organizer. Clicking the "Export to CSV" allows you to save the data as a .csv file for use in spreadsheet applications or for future Events. It's also a great way to take a snapshot of data at specific point in time.

Clicking on the "Print" button will present of preview of the data to be printed and allow you to select your preferred printer. This feature is great for making printouts for Events or Activities to use at the Event if you can't or don't wish to use the Eventene mobile app and web forms.

Within any Activity, if you select multiple items in the data table, the "Send" button will appear. Simply press this button to move to the Send tab with the current individuals selected as recipients. This is incredibly useful for sending reminders based on information gleaned in the Track - Individual tab.