The Tracking Overview section of an Event allows you to see responses to RSVP and Survey questions at a high-level. This allows to quickly view information such as total attendees, the tallies of multiple choice questions, or the number of incomplete surveys.

Track - Overview

Overview is divided, much like the rest of Eventene, by People and Places. At the top of the tab are 3 icons displayed after the word "Show:". You may use these icons to toggle People Tracking, Places Tracking, and Email Tracking on and off respectively.

People Tracking

By default, the first section visible for any Event or Activity in Track - Overview is People Tracking. Here you will see a summary of the Attendance for People that includes the Total Recipients and then a breakdown of responses: Yes, No, and Undecided. Below this is a summary of Survey Questions for People. This indicates, again, the Total Recipients and the number that have Completed the Survey or have not (Incomplete).

The overall Event will combine the results from all Activities and remove duplicates so you get a high level summary of all Attendance and Survey Responses for People.

Places Tracking

Places Tracking has the same information as People Tracking, but respective to the Places List attached to the Activity. See the above section for more information.

Email Tracking

Email Tracking combines results for both People and Places. First you will see a count indicating the Total Sent (total emails sent) for the Event or Activity. This is then broken down into the results: Opened, Unopened, Undelivered, Bounced, and Spam. Please note that it may be impossible to detect the results of some email sends based on individuals' security and privacy settings.