The Tracking Overview section of an Event allows you to see responses to RSVP and Survey questions at a high-level. This allows to quickly view information such as total attendees, the tallies of multiple choice questions, or the number of incomplete surveys.

Track - Overview

Overview is divided into several blocks which display information about the People invited to your Event. This information includes: Attendance responses, Survey response status, the percentage of complete Assignments, a breakdown of Spots, and various analytics around any Emails you have sent for the Event.

Please note that Assignments and Spots do not apply for the overall Event as Groups and Sections are attached to Activities not Events.


The Attendance block displays the count of "Yes", "No", and "Undecided" responses for the selected Event or Activity. You may click on the block header to see all People invited to the Event. Clicking on "Yes", "No", or "Undecided" will bring up a side menu that displays all of the individuals with that respective Attendance response.

Please note that for Activities with an Attendance Limit, the Attendance block will display the number of People on the Waitlist alongside the "Yes" respondents. For example, if 5 People are Attending and 2 People are on the Waitlist, you will see 7 (2). This means there are 7 total potential Attendees and 2 of these Attendees are on the Waitlist.


The Assignments block shows your progress making Assignments for the selected Activity. Again, Assign only works at the Activity level since Groups and Sections cannot be associated with the overall Event; only Activities. The graph displays the percentage of People within the Activity that have been assigned to a Place. Below you will see the count of "Assigned" and "Unassigned" People. Like with Attendance, clicking on either of these will bring up a side menu that displays all individuals who are either "Assigned" or "Unassigned" respectively. However, clicking on the Assignments block header will take you to the Assign tab so that you can continue making new Assignments.


The Emails block contains a great deal of information. If you have not yet used the Send feature, there will be no data here. As soon as you have sent any emails, you will begin to see recipient behavior and tracking data in this block. The top graph simply shows the breakdown of "Sent" and "Unsent" emails for the selected Event or Activity. "Unsent" is particularly helpful as it will help remind you of invitees that have not yet received an email or else remind you of new People that have been added to the Activity. As before, clicking on "Sent" or "Unsent" will bring up a side menu that will allow you to see the list of all People within the respective category. Below this first graph is a bar that shows the breakdown of activity on sent emails. This is divided into "Opened", "Unopened", "Bounced", "Undelivered", and "Spam". Please note that emails may fall into several categories such as "Opened" and "Spam." Like with the other categories, simply click on a count to open the side menu. 

Survey Questions

The Survey Questions block shows you which invitees have completed the Survey questions for the selected Event or Activity, and which have not. If a respondent has a Survey in progress, they will still show as "Not Completed" until they finish the Survey questions. As before, click on the count to open the side menu and see the list of individuals. Also, you may click on the block header to see all People, both "Complete" and "Not Completed" combined.


For Activities, the Spots block shows whether you have sufficient Spots for all attending People or if you need more Spots. As People respond to your Event and Activities with their Attendance status, this block will update to show whether you need additional Spots to accommodate all the attendees. 

Responses Summary

Below the blocks, you will see all responses to Survey questions. You may click on the icons next to "Attendance:" to filter by attendees or non-attendees. Each block in this list represents a single question. The name of the question is displayed at the top of the block followed by which Groups are shown the question and whether it is required or optional. Below you will see a tally of top responses. You can click on any response to see all People that entered the selected response. If there are too many responses to display in the block, there will be a "See All" button that allows you to view the remaining responses. If you wish to see an individual Person's responses, go to Track - Individual.