There may be various points at which you will wish to communicate with your guests. Perhaps you want to share assignments for participants, or there is a change in the weather report that requires you to send an Event update. Whatever the case may be, you will use the Send tab within an Event to communicate with invitees and guests. 

Sending Messages

Select Recipients

When you are ready to Send a message for your Event, navigate to the Send tab within the Event. You will then need to select one or more Groups to send to. Once you have selected a Group, you can easily change the specific recipients by pressing the "Edit Recipients" button. This will bring up a side panel where you can select or deselect individuals from the Group(s). Once you have selected all your desired recipients, simply click "Compose" to move the second step in the Send process: writing your message.


In the Compose step you will first select the Message Type. Your options are:

  • Send Questions – Notify recipients that Questions related to the Event require their responses
  • Send Assignments- Alert recipients to any Assignments created for Activities within the Event
  • Send Update- Sends a custom update to attendees and displays a push notification for mobile users.
  • Payment Reminder - Directs invitees to the Checkout step in registration so they can review and complete Product purchases.

Next, enter a Subject for the message. This will be the Subject line in the email sent to all selected recipients. After this, simply type your message into the box below. Please note that you have various options in the Message box including the ability to format text, add pictures and video, upload files, and link to external sites/resources.


Once you have completed your message, click "Review" to proceed to the final step or "Recipients" to return to the first step. If you wish to see how your email will appear to recipients, click the "Preview Email" button at the top of the page.

The final step in the Send process is Review & Send. After completing this step, you will send emails to all the selected recipients. Sending out emails to many recipients should be done with caution to avoid sending errant emails. Make sure to preview your emails before sending them out. You can also test the email by sending it to yourself with the “Send a Test” button on that same page.

In this final step, you can choose to edit the recipients, Message Type, or Subject before sending. When all aspects of your message are finalized, press "Send" to launch your emails! You can then go to the Track tab to begin viewing results and responses.