Send is a powerful and multi-faceted part of Event creation in Eventene. Send allows you to ask questions of your participants, send updates about Events, make assignments available to participants, and send payment reminders. These options let you easily communicate with the People in your Event. If you don’t wish to use Send, you can proceed immediately to Assign. 

Message Type

Send Questions

Selecting Questions will direct the message recipients to answer RSVP and Survey Questions for the current Event. For example, you can use Send Questions to ask all the drivers in the Activity “Carpool” how many people their car can hold. You could also use Send Questions to ask about meal preference, date availability, attendance, or participants’ home addresses. Regardless of what you wish to ask, you will build out questions in the Event and Activity edit menus. Send Questions simply allows you to prompt invitees to respond to these existing questions.

Send Assignments

After completing the Assign stage, you may want to alert attendees that assignments are available. Send allows you to easily direct participants or contacts to their respective assignments. The email sent to recipients will direct them to view assignments for the current Event.

Send Update

You can also select Send to reach your Event attendees with updates or notifications about the Event. Suppose the time of an Activity is pushed back by an hour or you need to tell everyone that the Event is cancelled. Send Update allows you to quickly reach all of your participants with that information. 

Payment Reminders

Payment reminders allow you to notify invitees that there are Products associate with the Event that are available for purchase. Selecting this message type will change the button in the email to "Review and Pay" and direct invitees to the Checkout step where they can review their product choices, adjust quantities, and enter payment info.


While Track is a separate tab from Send within an Event, the two are directly linked. Once you have sent emails to your invitees, you can use the Track feature to see both high-level and individual responses. Track will display information such as how many recipients have opened an email, how many emails have bounced, and how many recipients have selected “unsubscribe.”

You can view this information for the overall Event or for any specific Activity. Tracking can also be used to view individual responses, send out reminders, and see a summary of question responses.