Send is a powerful and multi-faceted part of Event creation in Eventene. Send automates the task of sending emails to invite people to your event, ask questions of your participants, send event updates, send out roles and place assignments, and send payment reminders. These options let you easily communicate with the People in your Event. Incidentally, if you if you don’t have any need to send messages or track responses within your particular event, you can skip the Send and Track features and explore the Assign section. 

Send uses email as the medium for sending messages to your event participants. When you first click on the Send menu, you'll see a Sends List table, similar to a Sent Mail folder that you have for your personal email. The table contains a listing of previously sent messages for the event, as well as any messages that are scheduled to be sent on a later date. Messages that have not yet been sent yet appear as "Draft". 

Sends List

The Sends List table lists all send activity for an Event. Eventene logs previously sent messages, as well as listing work-in-progress "Draft" messages and any messages scheduled to be sent in the future (using "Send On", described below). The table also shows the number of recipients for each message, as well as the Message Type (Questions, Assignments, Update, or Payment Reminder) and which User on the Account created the message. 

For new Events, the Sends List will be empty. To create a new Send Message, click the green button "+ New Send", as shown in the following screenshot.

After sending a few messages, the Sends List will show your activity, similar to the following example. 


You can perform several actions with each item in the Sends List, according to its type. Note, simply clicking on any item (row) will perform the View action directly.

  • Sent- messages that have been sent out to event participants
    • View - review the message details, recipients and message content
    • Resend - start a new message with the same options and message as a previously sent one
  • Draft- messages that have been composed but not yet sent
    • View - review the message details, recipients and message content
    • Edit - resume editing a message and prepare it for sending
    • Delete - remove the message from the Sends List
  • Scheduled- messages that have been approved and are scheduled to send at a later date
    • View - review the message details, recipients and message content
    • Edit - resume editing a message and prepare it for sending
    • Make Draft - convert a scheduled message into a draft message
    • Send Now - ignore the scheduled send date and send the message immediately
    • Delete - remove the message from the Sends List

Sending a New Message

To create a new Send message, press the "+ New Send" button. This action initiates a 3-step sequence to create and send a new message in 3 steps: 1) Select Recipients, 2) Compose, and 3) Review & Send. View our separate article, Sending a New Message for further details. 

If you reach the Compose step but do not send the message, your message will be saved as a "Draft" in the Sends List table. To send a Draft message, simply edit it and complete the final Review & Send step.


While Track is a separate tab from Send within an Event, the two are directly linked. Once you have sent emails to your invitees, you can use the Track feature to see both high-level and individual responses. Track will display information such as how many recipients have opened an email, how many emails have bounced, and how many recipients have selected “unsubscribe.”

You can view this information for the overall Event or for any specific Activity. Tracking can also be used to view individual responses, send out reminders, and see a summary of question responses.