RSVP Questions are used to ask about attendance. Every Event and Activity must have RSVP Questions, but you may choose whether to ask invitees if they are attending or not.

How to Set Up RSVP Questions

For both Events and Activities, the process of creating RSVP Questions is the same, but with slightly different options. To edit RSVP Questions, simply open the edit menu for the Event or Activity. For Events the edit menu is accessible via the edit button next to the Event Name. For Activities, navigate to the Activities tab within an Event and select an Activity to open the edit menu.

Now that you're in the edit menu, you need to select the Attendance tab at the top. For Events, you will have two attendance options: "Ask if Attending" and "All Attending". “Ask If Attending” will ask each participant or location whether they are attending the Activity. By default, they will be “Undecided”. “All Attending” means that all People or Places are locked as attending. This is useful if you have an Event where you are certain that everyone or every location is attending.

Activities have two RSVP Question settings as well. Like Events, Activities have "Ask If Attending", but instead of "All Attending" Activities have an option called: “Link Attending”. "Link Attending" means that you will assume all People or Places on the List will have the same Activity attendance status as the overall Event. That is to say that if a person or location is attending the overall Event, they must attend this Activity and vice versa. “Link Attending” is useful for Lists such as "Tents for Campout" where it can be assumed that if a tent is available for the overall Event, it will also be at each activity during the campout.

 Please note that for both Events and Activities, the settings for RSVP Questions are set independently for People Lists and Places Lists. This means that, for example, you can say "Ask if Attending" for People and "All Attending" for Places.