There are two categories of questions that organizers can send to invitees and participants. These categories are: RSVP questions and Survey questions. RSVP questions ask about attendance and are required for every Event and Activity. Survey questions are optional and may be used to ask specific questions such as: "What meal would you like?" or "Rank your favorite activities."

Survey Questions

Survey questions are used to collect specific information from invitees. They are added to Events and Activities by Attendance status. This means that organizers have a great degree of flexibility in the questions they present to any individual. For example, invitees may receive completely different questions depending on whether they are attending or not.

To accommodate the wide variety of information required to run successful Events, there are numerous Question Types available. These include: Multiple Choice, Rank, True/False, and much more.

In Eventene, questions are attached to Events and Activities and can be asked of People, Places, Attendees, and non-Attendees. Creating questions occurs in the edit menu for both Events and Activities. To view previously added questions or to create additional questions, click on the Questions tab in the Edit Activity sidebar. For more on creating questions, please see the "Adding Questions" section below.

RSVP Questions 

Since one of the essential facets of Events is whether or not individuals are attending, RSVP questions are included for every Event and Activity. You have a few options when setting up these questions. For Events you can select whether to assume all the People in the Event are attending using the "All Attending" option. Conversely, you may also select "Ask If Attending" to ask each individual People whether they are attending the Event.

Activities have similar options to Events with some slight differences. While Activities also have the "Ask If Attending" option, they also have "Link Attendance". "Link Attendance" means that invitees' attendance for the current Activity will follow their selection for the overall Event. Essentially this option means that selecting "Yes" for the overall Event means also selecting "Yes" for the Activity with "Link Attendance".

Creating RSVP Questions

Each Event and Activity has an attendance question associated with it. This is simply a “Yes” or “No” question asking whether the invitee is attending that Event or Activity. This question cannot be removed; however, the organizer can control various parameters of the invitees’ attendance. 

Under the "Attendance" tab in the Edit Activity sidebar, the organizer will choose whether they are linking attendance to the overall Event or asking the invitees whether they will be attending. This setting is unique to each Event and Activity. Please note that for the overall Event, “Link Attending” is replaced by “All Attending,” which assumes all People are attending the Event.

If the organizer selects “Link Attending”, then every participant and contacts’ attendance status will follow the value of the Event attendance status. They will still be able to see their attendance status in the mobile app or on the landing pages, but they will not be able to change their status for that Event or Activity (except by changing their overall Event attendance).

However, it the organizer selects “Ask If Attending”, your users will be able to determine their attendance status using the Eventene mobile app or web forms.

The attending question is the wording for how the invitees will be asked to select their attendance status i.e. “Will you be riding in this carpool?”, “Can you attend our BBQ?”, or “Hey! Are you coming or not?”. The default status for the attendance question is “Undecided”.

For more information on how participants and contacts can answer attendance questions, please refer to the help articles on the mobile app and landing pages.

Question Types

There are 15 types of questions you can include in your questionnaire. The Question Types are:

Yes/No, True/False, Text, Number, Comment, Phone, Email, Address, Date/Time, Date, Time, Multiple Choice (Pick 1), Multiple Choice (Pick Many), Multiple Choice (Rank), Information Only.

For each question type, you will need to enter the question text, name for the data field that holds the responses, and determine whether the selected question is required. Some question types have additional parameters once selected. These additional parameters are as follows:

Multiple Choice: Organizer will need to input the text for each choice and select the type of multiple choice selection.

Date and Time: Organizer must select whether to collect just the date, just the time, or both.

Number: Organizer will select whether to accept whole numbers or decimal numbers.

Adding Survey Questions

Creating Survey Questions is very similar to setting up RSVP Questions. To begin adding Survey Questions, navigate to the edit menu for your Event or Activity. For Events the edit menu is accessible via the edit button next to the Event Name. For Activities, navigate to the Activities tab within an Event and select an Activity to open the edit menu. Once you are in the edit menu, select the Questions tab from the top of the menu and press "New Question."

First create a name for the Survey Question. This will be used to identify the question within the web app, but not shown to your invitees. Next select the type of Survey Question to create. The types are:

  • Multiple Choice - Multiple choices with multiple possible responses
    • Only one choice - Multiple options, but only one selection is possible
    • One or more choices - Multiple options and multiple selections are possible
    • One or more choices in rank order - Multiple choices and respondents selects their top choices in rank order. You can specify how many choices respondents may rank (min 1, max 10)
  • Yes / No - Lets recipients answer either "Yes" or "No"
  • True / False - Lets recipients answer either "True" or "False"
  • Text - Single text line input box
  • Number - Number input required. You can specify additional constraints on the number.
    • Decimal - Any number: positive, negative, fractional value (0.1, -2, 1/2, etc.)
    • Whole - Any whole number (1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • Comment - Multi-line text box
  • Phone - Enter a 10-digit number
  • Email - Recipient must enter a valid email address format, e.g. "____@____.___"
  • Address - Address is multi-field record which includes Street 1, Street 2, State / Province, etc.
  • Date and Time - Recipients respond with valid calendar date and time. You can choose whether to collect Date Only, Time Only, or both
  • Information Only - Provides clarifying text to respondents


Next, you will need to enter the Question Text that respondents will see in the Survey. Then, you will need to determine if the current question is a required Survey Question that respondents must answer in order to complete the Survey.

Finally, if there are any additional parameters that pertain to the Question Type, such as selecting which kind of Multiple Choice question to ask or whether to collect both Date and Time responses, you will need to select the necessary options.

Once you have completed your Survey Question, simply press "Create" to add the Question to the Event or Activity.

During the Send phase, you will have the ability to send these questions out to attendees which will allow them to respond via their web browser or through the Eventene mobile app.