Events created in Eventene are made up of one or more Activities. The user can associate each of these Activities with a Group and/or Section. Please note that any changes made to a Group or Section are reflected across all Activities with which the Group or Section is associated. 

Creating a New Event

Creating an Event in Eventene is easy. Once you are logged in, start by selecting the Events tab from the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

You will now see the Events page. This page allows you to quickly see all the Events that are associated with your account. These may be Events created by you or any other user on the account. By default you will see the Tiles View which shows the Event Images, Names, Date/Time, and Attendees. You can view Events in a list with additional details by clicking the "List" button on the right hand side of the table.

You can search for specific events using the search bar. Clicking on a column header will quickly sort by different criteria such as “Event Name” or “Start Date”. To create a new Event, simply press the “New Event” button. 

From here you will have the option to create a new Event from scratch or copy a preexisting Event. If you select "Create from Scratch", you will need to set the name of the Event, Start and End Times, Event Location, and choose a Group and/or Section to attach to the first Activity.

Copying an Event

If you select “Copy an Existing Event”, you will need to select the Event you wish to copy and then provide a new name for the resulting Event copy. Next you will need to enter the start and end date and time for the new event. You may also choose to automatically add a day, week, month, etc. to the original dates / times for the Event. After this you will specify the location and select the first Group to attach. Finally, if you are copying an Event, the user has a few options on whether to clear data in the new Event. The user can:

  • Clear all previous attendance responses - all RSVP question responses will be cleared, but the attendance settings will remain the same in the new Event
  • Clear all previous survey responses – all the Survey questions defined in the Activities will be copied over, but all responses to those Survey questions will be cleared in the new Event
  • Clear all previous assignments – all assignments performed in the original Event will be cleared in the new one.

Please note that the target Event must contain data to be available for copying. Events without any data cannot be copied.