Plan Types

Eventene plans come in four tiers. There is the Free Plan which allows you to fully build Events and make use of Eventene’s core features. However, the Free Plan comes with a few restrictions to the number of items, Groups, Events, and Activities you can build. You also cannot create Surveys like in the higher tiers. The Free Plan is aimed at smaller groups (under 25 people), or for organizers who simply want to try out Eventene before purchasing a paid plan. 

The Standard Plan removes most of these restrictions. It allows you to build unlimited Events, up to 10 Groups, 6 Activities, 2 organizers, and have up to 75 items in any Group or Section. Additionally, the Standard Plan introduces the ability to collect payments from participants. This plan is aimed at organizers for smaller groups that don’t need a large number of People and Places.

The Pro Plan is a step up from the Standard Plan. It’s aimed at users who need to be able to create Events for medium-to-large sized groups (up to 750 per Group/Section), using a number of different data points. It also allows for 5 team members to work simultaneously on events, allowing organizers to further optimize the planning process.

The Premier Plan allows a team of up to 10 users to collaborate seamlessly within a single account. This can be a profoundly powerful tool since organizers can easily delegate, coordinate, and manage Events together, rather than relying on email or other tools to stay up-to-date. The Premier plan also increases the number of items per Group/Section to 2500, enabling organizers to plan for much larger events.

With each of the paid plans, you also have the option to purchase an Annual Plan. With an Annual Plan, you pay for a whole year in advance at a discounted rate (~15%).  

How to Switch Plans

You can switch Plans at any time. First go to Account and click on the Summary tab to see an overview of all your account information including your plan selection. Next click on the gear icon, next to the "Account Type" section, and select a new Plan. If you choose to downgrade to another paid plan, you will immediately move to the lower tier. Your account will be credited for the difference in plans and applied towards your next invoice on the billing date. If you upgrade, you will move up to the higher tier and be pro-rated for the remainder of the billing cycle. 

If you receive a new Discount Code, you may apply it to your existing plan or enter when switching to a new one.

Please also note that only the owner or admin of the account may change the plan selection. You don’t want some intern bumping you down a tier after all!

Cancelling Your Paid Plan

To cancel a paid subscription, you simply need to disable the auto-renew feature. Go to Account, select the Payment Details tab, then click the "Disable" button next to Auto Renewal.  The line will change from “Yes” to “No” to reflect the update. Once you turn off auto-renew the account will remain on the paid plan until the Next Billing Date, after which the account will revert to a Free account on the renewal date. Events and Groups/Sections created using features from a paid plan will not be usable after the downgrade.

If you have an Annual Plan, you will not be able to cancel in the middle of the year. However, if you are experiencing issues or purchased an Annual Plan by mistake, please contact us at for further assistance.

How to Update or Change Account Information

You can view information about your account from the Account tab. To get to this screen, click on the Account icon on the left sidebar anywhere within Eventene. 

On the Account screen you will see various tabs with different information about your account. These include: Organization, Profile, Billing, and Users.

Under Organization, you can view and edit the Organization Details, Logo, Account Type, and Organization Contact Information.

Under Profile you can view and edit your Profile Name, Email, Phone Number, Time Zone, Language, Account Password, and change Linked Accounts.

Billing Details

Payment Details provides information about your Billing Profile (Plan Type, Billing Frequency, Next Billing Date, Next Renewal Amount, and whether Auto-renew is enabled), Payment History, and current Payment Method. You can change your Plan Type here, Disable Auto-Renew, or enter a new credit card if you need to. 


How to Add, Remove and Change Users

Finally, Users will let you see any users associated with the Account. For Free Plans this is restricted to a single user. However, Standard, Pro, and Premier Plans can add additional contributors on a single account. Only Owners and admins can invite or remove contributors and edit privileges. Please note that the account creator will always be listed as the owner and they can edit the privileges of any other user, but cannot have their privileges edited by anyone else.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your Eventene password you can reset it by going to the Log In page. Click on "Forgot your Password?" You will then be directed to enter the email associated with the account for which you wish to reset the password. Press "Send Instructions" once you have entered the email address. Next, an email will be sent to the email address entered with a link to reset your password. 

As you are resetting your password please note that the minimum length for passwords is 8 characters. Eventene will not accept any passwords less than this length.